appio new

Creates a new APPIO project.


appio new <argument> <options>


Argument Description
opcuaapp will create an opcuaapp
sln will create a solution


Options Description
-h | --help prints the command help
-n | --name opcuaapp/sln name
-t | --type Type of opcuapp
--nocert no certifcate creation
Types of opcuaapps Description
Client opcuaapp will be a client
Server opcuaapp will be a server
ClientServer opcuaapp will be both
Options(opcuaapp server only) Description
-u | --url URL of the server
-p | --port port of the server

Parent command


Detailed Description

APPIO new creates a new APPIO project. There are two possible Options: creating a solution and creating an opcuaapp.

The result is a folder with the chosen name and a basic opcuaapp/solution setup.

The solution is used for managing opcuaapps.