appio import

Imports external resources.


appio import <argument> <options>


Argument Description
information-model import an informationmodel
certificate import a certificate


Options Description
-h | --help prints the command help
-n | --name appio project name
Options(certificate only) Description
-c | --certificate path to the certificate
--client or --server if the APPIO project is both a server and a client, this is used to determine in which the certificate should be imported
-k | --key path to the keyfile
Options(informationmodel only) Description
-p | --path path of the information model certificate
-s | --sample choose a sample provided by APPIO

Parent command


Detailed Description

APPIO import imports an OPC UA conform information model or an existing X509 certificate and and corresponding private key.S

Alternatively a sample information model provided by APPIO can be used. The certificate can also be generated with appio appio generate.

Available samples are: DI-Informationmodel.


The imported information-model needs to generated with appio generate.