Please clone the APPIO repository, install all the dependencies and execute the following command at the project root:


Two packages will be installed:

  • open62541–v1.0.0
  • appio-terminal

open62541–v1.0.0 is the used OPC UA Stack.

List of dependencies

The dependencies of APPIO are:

  • up to date linux
  • .net Core 2.1 sdk
  • gcc compiler
  • meson
  • python3
  • dpkg

If you use Ubuntu the dependencies can be easily installed with these commands:

apt update
apt upgrade
apt install gcc meson python3 dpkg

Using package manager

APPIO can be easily installed with the package manager. First you need to install the open62541 stack. Continue with installing APPIO.

cd /home/appiodev/Downloads/artifacts/installer/
dpkg --install open62541--v1.0.0.deb
dpkg --install appio-terminal.deb

Using grahpical Installer

It is also possible to install APPIO with the graphical installer. Simply double click on the packages to install them. Keep in mind that you have to install the open62541 package first.


After installing you can test the succesfull installation with:

APPIO --help

This should open the APPIO commandline help.

After that you can continue with the Tutorial.